februarie 24, 2008

A Week Of Regret

First day I saw you
didn’t like your body
but looking in your eyes
put a thunder through me.
The second day I looked at you
in your dark eyes, burning charcoal,
a ray of hope I caught
losing its path toward infinity.
Third day I met you
you gently kissed my lips
I didn’t say a thing
something uncanny was hiding inside you.
The fourth day I saw you
warm shivers passing through me
all I wished then was the touch of your hands
so my lips would be free to whisper sweet words in your ear.
The fifth day I looked at you
your hand slowly reached around my waist
making my body vibrate
in waves of exhilarating particles.
Day six: I watched you
from a growing distance and a light tear
seemed diamond through the eyelids
making its way down the lines of my neck.
Day seven: no seeing you
mad rhythms my heart follows
struggling to escape my chest
and shout after you “I’m in love”.
(Written by Lorelei, Bucharest, 1973)
Translated by Cristian Neagoe

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